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IV Sedation Services At Your Practice

Dr. Aubrey Carter has been working with patients under IV Sedation for over 25 years and finds it to be both rewarding and beneficial in providing a positive dental experience for patients and dentists. For the patients, sedation provides soothing, anxiety-free dental treatment, leaving them refreshed with little or no memory of their dental visit. For the dentist, it is a controlled and predictable form of sedation that allows for multiple procedures to be performed in a single session. IV Sedation Dentistry is safe, efficient, and relaxing - ideal for anxious patients.

Clinical Benefits to Sedation

The greatest clinical benefit to using this form of sedation is its rapid onset and its ability to be titrated. Onset is within five minutes and the patient dosages controlled for each patient's particular need. Sessions last for two or three hours. These time limits are based on experience and drug safety levels.

Why Use IV Sedation?

Many dentists use Halcyon or Valium to help their nervous patients with good results. However, there are some patients who respond less well to this modality and who benefit significantly from a more controlled and predictable sedation. Treating highly fearful individuals with IV Sedation can be rewarding to both patient and dentist.

For Dr. Aubrey Carter, his experience (and that of other doctors he has assisted in his 30 years of practicing IV Sedation) has found this procedure to be time efficient and very productive. With over four thousand successful patient cases, Dr. Carter now offers his services to dentists throughout the Mukilteo, Lynnwood, and Seattle areas.
Flexible Scheduling

We provide IV sedation services to many private dental practices and we are able to schedule Dr. Carter to attend patients in your dental office, or on your direction, to follow the patients on referral to other specialists. Dr. Carter also provides services to your patients at his office in Mulkiteo, WA. Under all circumstances, the patient will be returned to you for continuing dental care.

We welcome your interest in using IV Sedation, either in our offices or at your dental practice. Please contact us today to discuss treatment for your patients or to inquire further about our IV Sedation process.

Dental References

The following are names of some of the area dentists who use our IV Sedation Services at their practices.

• Dr. Pam Nicora, Periodontist
• Dr. Shahin Etamadi, Endodontist
• Dr. Steve Lee (Lynnwood), General Dentist
• Dr. Bob Hughes, General Dentist
• Dr. Nichole Martin, General Dentist

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