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Dr. Carter provides a variety of dental services including preventive care (cleanings, exams, x-rays), restorative dentistry such as fillings and crowns, and cosmetic dental care. He works with a variety of general and specialty practitioners to ensure your patient experience is of the highest quality.

Q: What is IV sedation dentistry?
A: IV sedation is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as "sleep dentistry," but the patient is conscious, not asleep, during an IV sedation procedure. An anti-anxiety drug is administered via an intravenous (IV) needle, putting the patient into a state of deep relaxation. The sedation drug also produces a type of amnesia from the time it's administered until it wears off. Consequently, the patient has little or no memory of the dental procedures performed, and time will appear to have passed very quickly.

Q: Can you feel pain during the procedure?
A: No. After the sedative is administered the patient is numbed.

Q: How is IV sedation different from a sleeping pill?
A: Sleeping pills can be unpredictable, often needing a long time to take effect and to wear off. Patients can emerge confused and groggy. IV sedation takes effect quickly, and alertness returns more readily.

Q: Is IV sedation safe?
A: IV sedation dentistry is extremely safe when it's carried out under the supervision of an experienced dentist like Dr. Carter, who is specially trained and licensed to administer sedation drugs and monitor patient response.

Q: Does IV sedation have any side effects?
A: Every patient will have their own individual response to the sedation drugs. As a precaution, IV sedation patients are advised to come accompanied to their appointment, and not drive or operate heavy equipment for 24 hours after their procedure.

Q: Are there any disadvantages?
A: A needle has to be placed in the hand or arm (venipuncture). No one likes this, but the type of needle used is smaller that those used to draw blood. There can be bruising at the needle insertion site sometimes after removal. However, this needle route provides incredible safety with the ability to rapidly deliver reversing drugs if needed on an emergency basis.

Q: What type of patient benefits most from IV sedation?
A: Anyone can benefit from this safe and efficient procedure, but IV sedation is ideal for the adult patient who has a high level of anxiety, fear of dental work and dental tools, trouble with numbing, or a sensitive gag reflex. Since multiple procedures can be performed during one IV sedation dentistry session, it is a superb way to maximize care in a minimal amount of time.

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